Stargate: Atlantis cast over the years. I still miss this show, especially the Sheppard/McKay banter. 

mylittleredgirl asked: SHEPPARD/WEIR. I mean unless this is going to be the saddest 6-word story ever in which case I RETRACT MY REQUEST.


He sees her in every star.


Okay, so the fact that John would offer to both give up Atlantis and threaten to destroy Atlantis when Elizabeth is held hostage to save her and that Elizabeth totally refuses to make any deals when John is held hostage because Atlantis/her principles mean more to her than saving John makes me ship so hard, I can’t even deal with it.  

SOMEONE PLEASE SEND HELP.  I’m dying of feeeeeeeels. 


Dr. Elizabeth Weir - S2E17  Coup D’Etat


Not sure who this picture is owned by, but it’s one of many balcony scenes


SGA rewatch 2k14 - They could have chosen anyone but they chose John to appear in her ‘world’

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