Dr. Elizabeth Weir - S2E17  Coup D’Etat


Not sure who this picture is owned by, but it’s one of many balcony scenes


SGA rewatch 2k14 - They could have chosen anyone but they chose John to appear in her ‘world’

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30 Days of Shipping Meme!
Day 05 - OTP For Whom You Never Seem To Run Out Of Inspiration
Elizabeth Weir and John Shepaprd (Stargate: Atlantis)
Sparky is, I feel, one of my most formative shipping experiences.  It was the first shippy fandom that I was fully and deeply imbedded in as an adult.  I was young, definitely, but I wasn’t “the youngest” or “the minor”.  In a lot of ways, this pairing and the fic I wrote for them during my most productive period taught me how to write.  These are characters who I contributed a considerable amount of headspace in terms of figuring out as people and through that analysis, figuring them out as a couple and how that relationship might work.  I don’t really have another couple  where someone can throw me a vague prompt and I can bang out 300+ words of silly crackiness in the same way that I can with these two.  They’re the easiest voices I have.  It’s been at least least five years since I’ve watched an episode with either of them in it, and I’m still poking away at a few stories where they star.